Measure Your Performance


Communication & Marketing Plan:

You made a good impression in person, but AFP 2019 has thousands of attendees. Turn that good impression into a lasting one and connect with people you met onsite as soon as you arrive home. You should develop a lead follow-up plan/template before attending AFP 2019 so that when you return you can dive straight in. Connecting quickly and keeping up conversation within a timely manner is crucial, especially since speed of response has been proven to impact conversation rate1.

When connecting on social media, don't just "connect" but reach out with a personal message to refresh their memory of your exchange and to establish a bridge of communication. Maintaining relationships is key to being successful. If a lead does not buy on your first sell, do not end the relationship. A great way of thinking about maintaining relationships is "Be there when the buyer is ready to buy, not just when you’re ready to sell!"2


It’s time to assess how your plan and execution went. It’s best to break down the assessment into two categories: qualitative and quantitative.

  1. Quantitative: Begin looking at the number of leads and sales that occurred.
  2. Qualitative: Go back through your notes that you took during the show and start assessing what went well, what went just okay, or what went bad.

The goal of collecting this data is to ensure that you have an even stronger plan moving forward for all exhibiting events.