Plan for Success



To help identify your goals, begin by asking why are you coming to AFP 2019? Brainstorm and create specific AFP 2019 goals but also goals that can be carried long term from show to show. Attendees are here to learn which means education should be a primary goal for your organization.

Determine what products or offers you want to promote. Remember, AFP 2019 attendees may need a tailored messaging strategy. Think about how you can save them time, money or help their organization grow. 

Booth Plan:

You should have a clear idea of what your presence will be at AFP 2019, from layout to vibe to what you're offering. For your booth layout you'll want to make sure you’re creating an open, inviting space that attendees feel comfortable in.

For 10x10 exhibitors, avoid a table at the front of the booth with marketing collateral. Instead, design your seating at the back of the booth as a meeting area and stand during the refreshment breaks.

Now how does your booth look? The Exhibit hall features 200+ companies, which means you need to address how you're going to stand out. You should think about colors, AV, and how to foster digital hands on experiences. Non-digital experiences are becoming more and more outdated.


Quick Tip: 65% of the U.S. population are visual learners, making your visual aids of the utmost importance.

Education is a goal for many attendees at AFP 2019 which is why you should take time to consider how you will provide that education. When deciding how you’ll demo your technology or product think through this question: How can you provide an enjoyable, interactive experience that delivers actual takeaways? 


Top 3 Treasury & Finance Trends of 2019: (1) AI to application (2) Payments automation (3) Transformation processes

This most likely involves technology or a meeting area, it can include one-to-one personalized presentations with an iPad, small or large theater presentations with interactive touchscreens, or hands-on product demonstrations.

Marketing Plan:

Don’t rely on luck that people will just decide to choose your booth over others. Establish a marketing plan to drive traffic or you'll miss out on making connections, “76% of attendees arrive with an agenda of exhibitors they plan to visit.” 

Market to your clients and prospective clients that you’ll be at AFP 2019 and what they can learn at your booth. Over 200 exhibitors will be there, so make sure attendees know your booth number and where you’ll be on the floor.

You'll receive the first AFP 2019 attendee list in September. Schedule meetings with current clients and try to meet-up with new ones. You can also take advantage of several digital advertising opportunities to reach attendees.

Communication Plan:

Who will be working your exhibit? Choosing this person is crucial because it may be the first and last time your company makes an impression on a potential customer.

It is important to recognize that someone with a natural ability to sell could be more successful than the product expert. The exhibit floor is meant for extroverts who have no problem reaching out to strangers, keeping a conversation flowing, while also educating.


Quick Tip: Try to focus on a few key items so attendees aren’t overwhelmed. It’s better to promote three key concepts
multiple times rather than introduce 10 different concepts and only cover them once.

You should never send someone in “cold”. Plan time before Conference to conduct a run through. The run through should incorporate training on interaction skills, products, offers and lead capture. Then test your pitches on other coworkers - assess what areas feel comfortable or uncomfortable for you to remember, are you running long or not, or are you demonstrating any unconscious body ticks or word fillers that could be distracting?

If you’re having a difficult time deciding who should be the face of your exhibit, then consider in-house communication training. Receiving training would be beneficial as 86% of exhibit staff have never received professional training on how to work a trade show. The two areas of communication to begin practice on are: public speaking and interpersonal communication.

Last but not least, before departing for Conference, make sure it has been communicated to everyone in your office that people who are running the booth are truly Out of Office. They need to be focused on your goals and not checking in.


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