2020 Promotional Partners

Partner Roundtable: Financial Executive Career Management

October 28, from 11 am -12 pm ET

Recent economic events promise to add more uncertainty as companies move toward planning for 2021. All financial professionals should be focused on what they can do, personally and professionally, to stay informed and educated not only about the issues affecting their industry, but those affecting their careers. During this roundtable, participants learn from others who have “been there and done that”, and walk away with proven tactics for setting up a personal network that will pay career dividends. Led by members of the Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG), this discussion highlights why networking is actually a “job” and something that must be worked at frequently if it is to benefit your career.

Matthew R. Bud
The Financial Executives Networking Group
Bruce C Lynn, CTP
The Financial Executives Networking Group

Latman Marty
The Financial Executives Networking Group

The FENG is one of the largest financial networking groups with over 36,000 members composed entirely of experienced financial professionals (e.g. CFOs, Treasurers, Controllers, VPs, etc.).

  • Our members currently represent the senior financial management at over 8,000 private and 2,500 public companies:
  • Over 40% work at companies with sales over $500 million
  • Over 55% work at companies with more than 500 employees

The FENG is organized geographically with chapters in 80+ cities in the United States. In addition, the FENG has active international chapters in major cities in the UK, Mexico, Canada, EU and China. Members can join various “special interest groups” organized by 21 industries and 13 financial functions (e.g. Treasury, Tax, Internal Audit, etc.). This matrix approach maximizes each member’s networking opportunities to enhance and manage their career among their peers through a variety of educational sessions brought to members by outside groups and their own FENG member peers.

To learn more about FENG and how to become a member please go to www.thefeng.org