AFP 2018 Vocab

Learn the lingo and what you can look forward to in Chicago.

AN18-Vocab_Icons_MindShiftAFP MindShift

Let’s cut through the hype. These sessions and speakers offer unbiased, actionable advice on the trends and tools you should pay attention to in emerging technologies.


Payments Hub

This is your spot for all things payments. Sessions, speakers and networking in the Payments Hub cover faster payments, payments fraud and everything in between.

AN18-Vocab_Icons_WellnessZoneWellness Zone

A healthy AND productive workplace can be a reality. These bite sized sessions offer simple techniques you can put into practice like factors for laser-focus or must-do stretches.

Learning Styles

Everyone learns differently so we’re offering dynamic options for educational sessions. Choose the method and knowledge type that will have the greatest impact on your experience.
Here are a few highlights:

AN18-Vocab_Small_InnSeriesInnovation Series: Twenty minute presentations focus on a hot, innovative concept

AN18-Vocab_Small_LearningLoungeLearning Lounge: Select sessions will offer an opportunity for you to dig deeper into the topic with the speakers

AN18-Vocab_Small_CampfireCampfire Session: Discuss a topic at an intimate roundtable, then join in a bigger conversation with the entire group, led by the presenter

Knowledge Types

Each session will be categorized by:

AN18-Vocab_Small_OperationalOperational: content to improve your skills and tactics

AN18-Vocab_Small_StrategicStrategic: content to drive organizational change and strategy

AN18-Vocab_Small_MindShiftMindShift: content features actionable advice on emerging technologies