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AFP 2018 Blog

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Apr 25, 2018

When you’re on the outside looking in, AFP 2018 can seem a little overwhelming. With so many exciting sessions on the agenda – how do you decide which to attend?

I find it’s helpful to think about my goals beforehand and come up with a game plan. I decide what key topics I want to focus on so I can make executable changes. 

Below are a few Learning Journeys specifically tailored to key goals and takeaways. These sessions cover exactly what you are seeking to learn and provide the knowledge you need to advance yourself and your organization.

Here are a few we've put together:

How can I leverage fintech?

The emergence of digital disruption, artificial intelligence and fintech is upon us. To drive impact and stay ahead of competition within this environment, you need to fully incorporate financial technologies, must be agile in your business, ambitious in your goals, and effective in managing teams through change. Check out the session “From Innovation to Driving Impact: Capitalizing on the Fintech Boom to Transform your Business” to learn how to leverage these tech developments to your advantage.

Using Robotics is becoming a more and more popular trend in treasury. But although it may sound great in theory, as many as 50% of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) projects fail. So where do you begin and how do you ensure that your process is successful? Check out the session “How to Successfully Incorporate Robotics into Your Treasury”, where the treasury department of American Express will guide you through how they implemented robotics into their processes, and what key considerations to keep in mind when incorporating them into your organization.

You also won’t want to miss the MindShift Keynote, where two visionaries will discuss the key advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics that are on pace to disrupt organizations of all sizes.

How should I manage my organization’s cybersecurity risk profile?

The cybercrime landscape is constantly shifting, with criminals finding new and more sophisticated ways to gain access to your company’s information and funds.

The most significant threat to today’s treasurers include the use of ransomware and an alarming increase in treasury fraud – from business email compromise to malicious insiders. To mitigate these risks the best defense is often a good offense. Attend the session “Treasury Fraud: Locking Down Your Best Defense” for a focused discussion on the most recent threats to your treasury and the best practices you can adopt to keep fraud at bay.

Combating this rampant fraud requires a combination of cybersecurity technology and vigilant human capital. In the session “Cybersecurity: The Critical Role of Your Human Firewall”, Anadarko Petroleum and Rotary International share best practices in educating their human firewall to mitigate risk, an FBI agent presents a law enforcement perspective on the need for ongoing education to aggressively combat threats, and practitioners demonstrate fraud scenarios along with procedures and processes for combating fraud.

How can I deliver an effective presentation?

All FP&A professionals have one thing in common: lots of numbers and data. The challenge in communicating that information is that numbers alone can be confusing or difficult to swallow if they are not presented in a way that provides context. Logic explains, stories persuade, and while you can work all the numbers, those who succeed at the highest level do so because they build relationships based on trust. Learn how to choose, craft and tell the right story that conveys complex information from master storyteller Doug Stevenson, at the FP&A Luncheon.

Big Data analytics tools are becoming more and more popular in organizations. However, when it comes to implementing these tools for executive reporting, there is no one answer that is right for every organization. Explore different perspectives and experiences to make better decisions on your investments in these tools at the session "Using Big Data Analytics in Executive Reporting". The session will also dive into which visuals should be used when creating these reports, the options for exporting visuals and data, and how to clean up the exports in common office software. You can check out the full scoop by the session speaker himself on his blog here.

These are just some of the many sessions that will be featured this year at AFP 2018. Didn’t find your goal on this list? Check out various other Learning Journeys to follow the path that’s best for you. Keep an eye on our full list of Educational Sessions as AFP continues to add more inspiring and eye-opening topics to the agenda, so you can bring the most innovative and relevant information back to your organization.

Kammy Tsang
Senior Treasury Manager
Equinix, Inc.