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AFP 2019 Blog

Fulfill Your Potential: 3 Steps to Career Success

May 15, 2019

By John Engeman, Vice President and Treasurer, National General Insurance

Boston, Fall 2019—envision the buzz, fall foliage, football, October baseball (?), networking with peers, and catching up on new ideas and technology in finance and treasury. Could it possibly get any better? Yes! Come to my AFP 2019 session, Fulfill Your Potential and Beyond: A Path for Career Success, for an engaging 30 minutes and leave with actionable steps for career success and personal growth.


There are many opportunities available and actions you can initiate that can lead to success, both professionally and personally. Are you aware of them and are you taking positive steps forward? By actively engaging and participating in experiences, expanding your comfort zone, communicating confidently, and seeking opportunities to develop, you’ll gain confidence, knowledge and increased motivation. Through several examples and related personal stories, you will learn there are many opportunities to explore for success. In our session, you’ll learn actionable initiatives to successfully advance professionally and be fulfilled. You will be encouraged to seek out experiences to practice and develop these powerful tools.

Are you in your comfort zone? It’s time to leap out of it and challenge yourself. This generates confidence, motivation and learning—and possibly even a temporary surge in adrenaline. Think of the feeling of accomplishment and the stories you will have. You can start small or big, solo or with a friend—you decide. Within this topic, we will talk about embracing failure if it happens and how to accelerate forward with greater knowledge and understanding. We will discuss stepping up and ‘taking a swing,’ so as not to miss an opportunity.

Don't worry; we won’t shoot you out of a cannon. Although cannons might be available if I inquire.  


I can’t stress enough the importance of getting involved—at home, at work, in your community, etc. Join a group or volunteer. Leadership, communication and interpersonal skills are developed through active participation. Always be learning and networking—and AFP 2019 in Boston is a great place to do both. We have many choices in how we learn: listening, reading, visually, and by doing. Each day, and especially, at the conference, do them all. Technology is everywhere and always changing. Do not be left behind, seek out opportunities to learn and experience technology.

Expand your world and try new experiences. Differentiate yourself while becoming more knowledgeable and interesting. Draw upon these experiences when tackling a new challenge. It is the value received through the endeavor and the personal journey that matters—not always the outcome. Stories are memorable and people relate and comprehend personal stories. New adventures and experiences lead to memorable stories and provide background knowledge for future challenges.


If you want an interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring talk to propel you on a path to career success then come experience this journey. My intent is to increase confidence, motivate you and better prepare you through rewarding experiences and recognizing opportunities to learn through participation. You will hear stories of unlikely success; it is very possible to achieve your potential and beyond. Who knows—you may even be a future conference speaker.

I believe seeking out what the world has to offer through new experiences, people and places is the foundation for happiness, fulfillment and success. If this corporate treasurer can do it, so can you!

Ready now? See you in Boston.  

Don’t miss John Engeman’s session, Fulfill Your Potential and Beyond: A Path for Career Success, which is part of the Career Development track at AFP 2019. Register here.