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AFP 2019 Blog

AFP 2019: Retirement Plans & Benefits Preview

Jun 18, 2019

Treasury and finance professionals who are focused on helping their employees by optimizing pension and benefits packages will find plenty of useful insights in the Retirement Plans and Benefits track at AFP 2019. Here are a few session highlights:

  • In Breakfast of Champions: Managing Executive Benefit Costs, Risks with Innovative Hedging, Robert Polansky, assistant treasurer, treasury operations for General Mills, will discuss how his organization worked to eliminate volatility caused by its deferred compensation plan by implementing a total return swap hedge of its plan liability. Together with David Marshall, principal of Atlas Financial Partners, Polansky will provide details on why this strategy is valuable for managing the risks and costs of deferred compensation plans.
  • In Treasury's Role in Evaluating Target Date Funds, Marlow Kee, CFO of Simons Foundation, discusses how treasury and finance professionals bring a unique perspective in evaluating and understanding the sophisticated investments embedded in modern target date funds. This session will examine the factors involved in evaluating a target date fund provider and how investment expertise is critical to evaluating important criteria including performance, volatility, and overall investment quality.
  • In Designing and Delivering a Workplace Financial Wellness Program, A. Keith Payne, CTP, managing director of treasury for Rollins Inc., and Brian Ford, financial well-being executive for SunTrust Bank, will explore how employers are getting in the financial wellness game. Surveys show 46 percent of U.S. employees report living paycheck to paycheck, while 41 percent do not have $2,000 saved for an emergency. During this session, attendees will learn tips for designing a successful financial wellness program that benefits both the company and its employees.
  • In Manage Pension Risk Prior to Merger/Termination, Russ Proctor, FSA, CFA, FCA, EA, MAAA, senior director, retirement solutions division for Pacific Life Insurance Company; Michael Devlin, principal, BCG Pension Risk Consultants; and Steve Ellis, CFO of Protect Plus Holdings; take a look at how organizations with defined benefit plans are subject to significant risks. This can cause havoc if those organizations are in the middle of a merger/acquisition and are asked by the acquiring company to terminate the plans. Fortunately, there are new, innovative solutions being used to transfer the risks to an insurance company so the organization can focus on running the organization.

So as you can see, the Retirement Plans and Benefits track at AFP 2019 covers a lot of ground. Treasury and finance professionals who want to improve their employees’ lives and futures—as well as the company bottom line—need to attend these sessions so that they can get some useful tips to take back to their organizations.

View the Retirement Plans and Benefits track here. Register for AFP 2019 here.