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AFP 2019 Blog

Monitoring Your Work-Life Pulse

Jul 8, 2019

By Cheryl Thomas, Senior Analyst-Indirect Tax, Caterpillar Inc., and Sherry Thomas, Accountant, City of Peoria

Have you ever been ready to call it a day, only five minutes after arriving at work? Do you ever feel like it’s the same old drudgery, day-in and day-out? Are you searching for ways to approach your labor-loaded, tension-filled day, and go home—still sane? Is your work-life pulse calling out for help?

If so, then our AFP 2019 session, “Monitoring Your Work-Life Pulse,” is for you. 


You’ll learn how to put the kibosh on the stress in your life. You’ll give the boot to humdrum, sluggish, run-of-the-mill workdays. You’ll discover ways to reframe your view of the daily grind, energizing yourself and your surroundings. You’ll find ways to harness the energy of your own passions.

It’s like kinetic energy that’s ready to be released. You’ve already got it; it’s what you do with this energy that makes all the difference. Let’s give your work-life a much-needed boost.

Why is this session important to treasury and finance practitioners? Treasury and finance positions are, by nature, high stress.  Stress affects our minds—and our bodies—in ways that we know, and quite possibly in ways that have not yet been discovered. The question is, how do we cope with it? You don’t have to be a victim of stress. This session is about repackaging our reactions to the daily stresses—and in so doing, minimizing the negative impacts that it has on us.


Our session is meant to give treasury and finance professionals the tools that they need to handle the daily pressures they face. Come and discover how to use what you already have to get the satisfaction you’ve always wanted. Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to revolutionize your work-life? In our session, you’ll discover ways to brighten your present and bolster your future. We hope you will join us.

Don’t miss Monitoring Your Work-Life Pulse, part of the Career Development track at AFP 2019.