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AFP 2019 Blog

Addressing an Age of Constant Risk at AFP 2019

Aug 12, 2019

As geopolitical risk, cyberrisk, interest rate risk and FX risk proliferate, treasury and finance professionals need keen insights into how they can mitigate these uncertainties. Fortunately, the Risk Management track at AFP 2019 has you covered. 

Recognizing the risks that the changing global landscape presents to treasury and finance leaders, AFP 2019 features bestselling author and journalist Fareed Zakaria as its Tuesday Keynote. Host of Fareed Zakaria GPS for CNN Worldwide and is a columnist for The Washington Post, he regularly delivers up-to-the-minute insights on the latest issues playing out on the world stage. Since Zakaria is so knowledgeable about geopolitical affairs—and because he is universally regarded as unbiased, objective and diplomatic—he was the ideal candidate to address our current global uncertainties at AFP 2019.

As Zakaria explained recently in an interview with the AFP Conversations podcast, we are living in what he calls a “Post-American World.” This is not due to the decline of America, but the rise of everywhere else. As such, treasury and finance professionals who work for American companies may need to work harder to stay competitive. “There may have been a point at which you could have said that the West should have in some way kept all the intellectual property to itself and ensured that the rest of the world never advanced,” he said. “But that's not really plausible and it's also important to understand that would’ve meant a very much smaller and a more stagnant world economy.

Also this year, AFP 2019 features many sessions on the top cyberthreats of today, with sessions on ways to combat fraud, and how treasury departments can work with their banks and technology vendors to mitigate cyberrisk. There is always a little bit of overlap between the Risk and Payments tracks on this issue, so financial professionals concerned about cybersecurity won’t want to miss this year’s Payments Breakfast, sponsored by Bottomline Technologies, Discover, Fiserv, Nacha and Visa. Peter Warren Singer, bestselling author and strategist at New America, will deliver a keynote address on prevalent cyberthreats like ransomware and business email compromises (BEC) scams, and the preventative measures that treasury and finance practitioners can adopt to better protect their organizations.

With the Federal Reserve changing course and lowering the Fed Funds Rate for the first time since 2008, interest rate risk is on the minds of many financial professionals. This year’s Risk track features a number of sessions focusing on interest rates, which look at new and innovative hedging strategies, and the increasing interest rate differentials between the United States and the eurozone.

Whatever risks your department faces, you’re sure to find useful, actionable information at AFP 2019 that you can take back to your organization. Everyone has to deal with risk; but attending the Risk track can make that task much more manageable.

The full Risk Management track can be viewed here. Register for AFP 2019 here.