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AFP 2020 Blog

The Future of Work: Recruiting & Retaining Staff

Jun 15, 2020

By Nicole Meyer, Founder & Managing Partner, The Meyer Partnership; Lee-Ann Perkins, Assistant Treasurer, Ion Geophysical; and Kristen Michaud, Managing Director, InBlock, LiquidX

The future of work is one of the hottest topics in treasury and finance today. Why? Because the future of work is now. What will work look like? Where will we work? With whom? How many people will be in the office versus working remotely? Never have we experienced a moment in history like this.


Even before COVID-19, companies were leaning in and being more accepting of remote working arrangements, including working from home. COVID-19 put the conversation on the table, in plain view, and going forward everything will change. Working remotely will become the norm, and employers and employees will need to adapt—or lose out. How do you foster an environment remotely that works for both employers and employees? How do you engage remotely? What are the new norms for retention and employee engagement?

The topic has become even more critical as employers are evaluating their options about working remotely. Entire business models are being rewritten. Think about how sales calls are now being conducted. Who thought you could sell without being in front of a client? And, who thought performance appraisals would be conducted via video conference. The pandemic has brought these issues to light and life, and it’s forced employers to rewrite the manual on communicating remotely.


The key elements remain the same; communication is essential. But the way in which we implement it, the very way we conduct ourselves, has to be recreated. Now it is even more critical to plan intentional team connections and check-ins, not only to continue to develop the team, but also to take a pulse on the team’s mental health and feelings of inclusion.

Working remotely is the new normal and as companies embrace the idea, employees need to embrace it as well.

Working from home, though, has its drawbacks for both employees and employers. Old ‘norms’ and “business as usual’ are out the (company) door… and into your home. The move to remote working has highlighted the key elements that are critical for retaining key talent. Connecting with talent and understanding what is important to employees is critical. Communication, recognition and career advancement are all still at the forefront of what employees cares about. How can employers meet these needs, in an age of social distancing?


Adapting and thriving in this new era will require additional skills and strategies that we will discuss in our AFP 2020 session, The Future of Work: Retaining & Recruiting Best Practices. Learn how to better position your organization for success as we provide a framework for recruiting and retaining talent in a digitally forward world. We’ll rewrite the standards and best practices together.

The Future of Work: Retaining & Recruiting Best Practices is part of the Career Development track at AFP 2020. Register here.