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AFP 2020 Blog

It’s Time to Fully Leverage ACH in Your Payments Mix

Jun 23, 2020

By Joe Hussey, Nacha Board Chairman and Managing Director, North America Payables & Receivables Product Executive, J.P. Morgan

Now, more than ever, there should be no question about the vitality of the modern ACH Network. On April 15, 2020, more than 80 million Americans received economic stimulus payments by direct deposit. That’s a shining example of just how important the ACH Network is to this country.

The federal government knows and appreciates the reach of the ACH Network. It’s why Social Security benefits, tax refunds and so many other federal payments travel seamlessly on the network. As vital as those stimulus payments are, during the coronavirus pandemic, the ACH Network has stepped up to the plate to show its value in many other ways.

But while this emergency has been extraordinary, it shouldn’t take such an event for businesses to fully leverage and use ACH in their payments mix. That’s why I would like to invite you to join Nacha President and CEO Jane Larimer and me at our AFP 2020 session, The Modern ACH Network Emboldens Your Payment Strategy to learn more.


If you’re working from home, you no doubt appreciate seeing your salary and expense reimbursements deposited directly into your bank account. But there’s much more.

For example, the lack of check signers at the office likely means many vendor payments are being made by ACH. But when remote payments revert to in-office payments, why would you return to check writing? Especially when you consider that AFP’s 2020 Payments Fraud and Control Survey found that 74% of organizations reporting checks were targets of attempted and/or actual payments fraud. ACH is and should remain the choice payment method for B2B. The use of ACH for B2B payments increased by 12% in 2019. And to help facilitate its ease of use, Nacha recently launched Phixius, an online platform to simplify pre- and post-payment processing.

Same Day ACH is an option that corporate treasury departments should also consider for their payments mix, and there are enhancements making it even better. This past March, the dollar amount per Same Day ACH transaction quadruped to $100,000. Next March, additional hours will be added, allowing for later submission of Same Day ACH items.

Looking ahead, Nacha also sought industry feedback on a Meaningful Modernization proposal to improve the ACH user experience by facilitating the adoption of new technologies and channels to authorize and initiate ACH payments.


For treasury and finance professionals, the pandemic has no doubt been a challenge. Let it be a learning experience, as well.

We all know that at many organizations change often comes in baby steps. But as offices emptied, new laptops were handed out, and folks figured out how to participate in Zoom meetings, change came rapidly, proving it can happen. Seize the momentum to bring your payments strategy into the modern era by making greater use of today’s ACH Network. Nacha has some excellent tools that can help. Jane and I look forward to seeing you at AFP2020 to tell you more.

Don’t miss The Modern ACH Network Emboldens Your Payment Strategy at AFP 2020. Register for the conference here.