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AFP 2022 Blog

AFP 2022 Blog


I’m a Mess, I Must Confess: Help for the ‘Work-From-Home-A-Holic’

Aug 18, 2022

By Cheryl and Sherry Thomas

It’s confession time! Are you guilty of ANY of these since working from home?

  • Attended at least one virtual meeting in your pajamas?
  • Felt like a ZOOM-ZOMBIE after so many virtual meetings?
  • Fell victim to the “just one more thing” trap?
  • Worked in the same clothing for multiple days? (Hint, hint — don’t answer that question!)
  • Became “cranki-pated” from working excessively long hours?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this session is for YOU.

To be honest, we’ve all developed a few bad habits while working remotely. We’ve probably attended meetings in our pajamas or engaged in sleep-working to get critical projects completed. We’ve been ZOOMED to death, TELECONFERENCED to oblivion, WEBINAR’d for hours and brain-drained until we drop. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

We’ve worked really hard these past two (almost three!) years. But we may have taken on some extra baggage, like falling into the “just one more thing” trap — where five more minutes turns into an hour. What about the quick phone call that turns into a meeting? Some even prioritize work above their own health. We sat sedentary for hours, only to find that our physical bodies are unforgiving of the immobility. What other energy-draining, work/life balance-sabotaging practices have eased their way into our daily regimen? If these habits go unchecked, they’ll affect us and how we treat others.

But we’re not going to let it go down like that! This session will pull the cover off those habits that have crept in unawares and enable you to take back your sanity and your life.

Time and experience are beginning to reveal that people who work remotely actually work more than when they were in the office. Making the shift to remote work has demanded a high price from everyone. As financial professionals, we’ve met that challenge head on. But in doing so, we may have unknowingly developed some habits that are not healthy for us as individuals.

Sometimes, we are too close to the situation to see the real dynamics and changes that are occurring inside of us. It is crucial that we find ways to reestablish the ever-disappearing boundary between work and home. This session will endeavor to identify those unhealthy habits, and give you tips to squash them before they squash us.

We’ll take an introspective look at the concessions we make while working remotely. It’s really all about how we do what we do. We’ll identify those practices that initially seem okay but can quickly lead down the path of an unbalanced and unhealthy work lifestyle. Those “little” bad habits can rapidly become a big deal that eventually causes burnout, mental fatigue and frayed nerves. We’ll also consider how our habits affect us internally, by focusing on the menagerie of feelings, dispositions and physiological effects that our habits produce.

Come learn ways to identify those havoc-wreaking habits and take control of what is controlling us.

  • Re-evaluate: Take a closer look at your daily processes.
  • Revitalize: Find ways to give your daily chaos the boot and inject calm into your day.
  • Revolutionize: Identify tools for greater life satisfaction and well-being.

Are YOU up for the challenge? Take the first step and register for AFP 2022. If you register by September 16, you can save $350.