AFP MindShift

AFP MindShift cuts through the hype. These sessions and speakers offer unbiased, actionable advice on the trends and tools you should pay attention to in emerging technologies.

MindShift Keynote

AFP 2018’s MindShift Keynote features Nancy Giordano and Mike Walsh, two visionaries who share their insights into key advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, and augmented reality impacting organizations of all sizes. Following these dynamic presentations, CNBC’s Senior Analyst and Financial Industry Expert Ron Insana moderates an in depth discussion focused on how these innovations are impacting the treasury and finance professions.

MindShift Sessions

  • Quantum Computing:  The Looming Threat Destined to Disrupt Financial Data Security
  • Out of The Lab and Into The Business
  • The Dark Horse Driving Albertsons Companies Improving Profit Margins
  • Technology Trends Enabling Corporate-Bank Communications for the 21st Century
  • Driving Technology Innovation in FP&A through Staff Development
  • Beyond Bitcoin: Technology Behind the Hype
  • Blockchain for Reconciliation and Audit
  • Implementing a Pilot Robotics Process Automation Project in Treasury
  • Disruption: Distraction or Opportunity? A look at Today's Liquidity Environment
  • Generation Healthcare: Payment Innovation in the Digital Age
  • Can a Bot do Your Rolling Cash Forecast?
  • Proactive Cash and Receivables Management: Predictive Analytics and Micro-Cash Forecasting
  • The Regtech Opportunity
  • Everyday Blockchain: What Corporate Treasury Learned from Bitcoin
  • From Innovating to Driving Impact: How to Capitalize on the Fintech Boom and Transform Your Business
  • Leveling the Playing Field in China
  • 21st Century Treasury Mindset

MindShift Row

MindShift Row on the Exhibit Floor features emerging providers that are disrupting and transforming finance and treasury.

See who will be there:

  • CMS
  • Bucket Technologies, Inc.
  • Tallyx Inc.
  • Change Healthcare
  • XMLdation
  • OFX
  • Altus Global Trade Solutions
  • Transfermate
  • SnapCheck
  • 9th Gear Technologies