Payments Hub

If you have payments challenges that need solving, then this is the place for you. 

Here you will find all the payments content AFP 2018 has to offer, in one centrally located place. Find the payments track of educational sessions just steps away from the slew of payments networking events we have planned. This is ground control for the very best in the payments industry.

Payments Sessions

+ Creating a Global T&E Card Program while Leveraging Enhanced Technology and Capabilities
+ From Innovating to Driving Impact: Capitalizing on the FinTech Boom to Transform your Business
+ Modernizing Retail: Eyeing the Cost of Payments

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Payments Hub Challenge

Problem Solved in Less Time Than Your Lunch Break

Your company's hard work, data and assets are at great risk due to the increasing threat of fraud. Although it is almost impossible to completely protect against all fraud, much can be done to secure your organization. With fraud reaching a recorded all-time high in 2017 this is one of the most important issues payments practitioners need to focus on. This year’s Payments Hub Challenge looks to address this critical issue.

In this unique competition, solution providers get just 15 minutes to present a strategy for reducing a fictional company’s yearly payments fraud losses. You’ll pick the winner and may even find a solution you can implement back at the office.

Payments Breakfast

Monday | 8-9:30 a.m.

Sponsored by FIS, Fiserv, NACHA and The Clearing House
Alex Tapscott, globally-recognized writer, speaker, investor and advisor focused on the impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, discusses the impact of blockchain shifting the payments fraud paradigm. Learn more about the Payments Breakfast here

This event is limited to corporate practitioners.

Also located in the Payments Hub

Payments Roundtable

Sunday | 2:30-4 p.m.

Sponsored by FIS, Fiserv, NACHA and The Clearing House

Payments Mixer

Monday | 5-6 p.m.

Sponsored by FIS, Fiserv, NACHA and The Clearing House

These event is limited to corporate practitioners.