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A Focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

When diverse voices come together, the treasury and finance profession becomes stronger. Learn how you can align your work with the principles of DEI with programming at AFP 2023.

Take part in these featured events and sessions:

AFP DEI Roundtable
Sunday 2:15–3:30 PM

AFP DEI Reception
Sunday 3:30–4:30 PM

Sessions Supporting DEI Efforts:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Impacting Change Through Treasury
  • The Hidden Power of Cash: Meeting Yield Targets While Elevating DEI Efforts
  • Supporting Diverse Rock Star Talent in Treasury & Finance
  • How Sustainability Programs Could (and Should) Transform FP&A
  • Your Essential Guide to ESG
  • ESG Financing, How Do I Start?

AFP 2023 DEI Grant Program:

The AFP 2023 Grant Program helps students and professionals, who might not otherwise be able to attend AFP 2023, participate in the conference through complimentary registration. Learn more about the AFP 2023 DEI Grant Program

Want to get involved? Participate in our AFP 2023 mentoring program. Learn more.

Sessions Supporting DEI Efforts

Capital Markets & Investments Sessions:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Impacting Change Through Treasury
Treasury teams have the power to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives both internally and via external partnerships. Diverse-owned broker dealers and service providers that have diverse teams and give back to their communities are increasingly being recognized for their authenticity and social mission. Jia Shan, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, will moderate a panel discussion with Isaac Woods, Treasury of Rockwell Automation, Sidney Dillard, Head of Corporate Investment Banking at Loop Capital, and a Corporate Practitioner on ways to impact positive change through Treasury. The discussion will touch on lessons learned from designing a firm selection process, implementation and measuring the success and impact including D&I firms in Treasury activities.

The Hidden Power of Cash: Meeting Yield Targets While Elevating DEI Efforts
Accessible, enterprise-level data platforms are enabling treasury teams to leverage their balance sheets to meet corporate diversity, equity and inclusion goals while earning targeted returns on cash—even in today’s volatile yield environment. In this session designed for finance professionals whose roles are expanding to include DEI and ESG goals, you’ll learn about effective strategies for tapping the impact power of cash from treasurers who’ve done it. Catherine Berman of CNote leads a discussion with Xylem Director of Treasury Aaron Johnston and Netflix Treasurer Shannon Alwyn about how they are seamlessly allocating cash to deposits at impact-driven community financial institutions—while minimizing risk in their portfolio and earning returns comparable to conventional investments. Topics include how these treasurers introduced and sold an impact cash program internally; how to design and implement an effective program; and how to measure and report on success.

Your Essential Guide to ESG
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) influence on how a company manages its business continues to evolve. Currently, the momentum for companies to pursue sustainable finance continues to build, driven by pressure from investors, banks, consumers and government regulations. According to PWC, one out of two boardrooms have it on their agenda* as regulators are increasingly focusing on enhanced ESG disclosures. As more companies undertake sustainability initiatives, sustainable deposits have become an emerging topic of treasury conversations. It’s therefore critical that treasurers have a clear understanding of: what ESG is, how to align an ESG style deposit with enterprise goals, and how to get internal buy-in to participate in ESG initiatives and incorporate ESG into their company’s cash optimization strategies.

Career Development Session:

Supporting Diverse Rock Star Talent in Treasury & Finance
The finance and treasury profession is fortunate to include diverse talent with track records of achievement across multiple industries and in various levels of organizations. Individuals from differing backgrounds with unique experiences may face various challenges in pursuing their careers. This can include competing demands from home and family, working to be recognized in the workplace and other hurdles they may experience. Hear from multiple successful individuals within the treasury and finance space on how they navigate their career paths, address challenges along the way, support the on-going development of the next generation of talent, and set goals for continued success.