Potential Proposal Topics

Career DevelopmentCapital Markets & InvestmentsFinancial Planning & AnalysisPaymentsRisk ManagementTreasury Management
Attracting/Hiring/Retaining Employees Acquisition FinancingAgile FinanceAlternative PaymentsActivist Investors401(k) Management & Best Practices
Change Management
CapEx Planning
Budgeting and PlanningAP/AR Efficiency & StrategyBusiness Continuity PlanningAccess to Global Liquidity & Funding
Cash Investment (Strategies & Techniques)
Business Intelligence BNPL options (Buy Now Pay Later)
Commodity Risk ManagementBalance Sheet Management
Crisis Management Credit/CounterpartyBusiness PartneringCard Based Payments CyberriskBank Relationship Management
Developing Interpersonal Skills Debt & Capital Markets Communication and StorytellingCross Border PaymentsCyber InsuranceCash Forecasting
Diversity & Inclusion ESG - Investor and Issuer PerspectivesData Driven Decision MakingCyber crime and Security Enterprise Risk ManagementCash Management 
Emerging LeadershipLeasing Analysis Data Governance, Management & Integration
Digital Currency Fiduciary RiskDC & DB Plans
Generational Workforces Liquidity ManagementDeveloping the FP&A Function
Distributed Ledger Technology Foreign Exchange Risk ManagementEmerging Technology/Mindshift: Blockchain/API's/RPA/AI/Meta
Interviewing SkillsMergers and Acquisitions Forecasting
Economics of RTP vs. Traditional Payments (ACH, Wire)
Geo-Political RiskFinancial Wellness Strategy 
Leading Culturally Diverse Teams Macro EconomicsFinancial Analysis
Electronic PaymentsHedgingLIBOR/SOFR
Leading Global/Virtual Teams Monetary PolicyFinancial Modeling 
Faster PaymentsInterest Rate RiskPension Priorities
NegotiationPortfolio Performance ManagementIntegrated Planning and xP&A
FedNow UpdateLitigation RiskPension Buyouts
Networking (Techniques & Strategies) Share Buy BacksMachine Learning
Fin TechPension De-RiskingRating Agencies
Personal BrandingTransition to Libor
Predictive AnalyticsIncorporating Mobile PaymentsRegulatory Risk Regulatory Environment
Presentation Skills-Presenting Data & Data VisualizationPayments Efficiency -ST/LT Investments
Project Management-Project Investment
Payments Fraud-TMS Implementation 
Reinventing the Workplace -Reporting, Dashboards and ScorecardsPayments Standards (Adoption & Strategy)-Treasury Operations
Relationship Development-Scenario PlanningPayments Strategy-Treasury Technology
--Talent Development --Workforce Impacts of Benefit Offerings
-----Working Capital