Exhibitor Resources

Build a Profile that Stands Out

AFP 2021 attendees can always go to your company’s website for general information. Create a profile that is custom and speaks to the treasury and finance professional that is attending this event.

Here are our suggestions for utilizing your company profile assets:

  • Hero Image – create a custom banner that grabs attention. You can stick with your logo and branding or add in an offer, giveaway or special message.
  • Website Link – Utilize this link for more than just your company homepage. Do you have a unique landing page, live demo or contest? Drive attendees to something they will be excited about.
  • Product Categories – We suggest choosing 3 targeted categories that you specialize in. This makes it easier for attendees to find your profile and know exactly what you can help them with.
  • Content Downloads – What new, unique content piece have you created? Thought leadership, new product sell sheet or customer tool are just a few ideas.
  • Videos – This is another opportunity to showcase your unique selling point. Keep your viewers’ attention by staying brief – we suggest 90 seconds max.
  • Schedule Meetings – Decide who from your team is the best to take attendee meetings. Consider having different specialties represented so the attendee finds exactly who they’re looking for.

As you’re building out your profile, think about why attendees visit the Exhibit Hall:

  • They’re looking for new product information
  • They want to meet with their partners
  • They want to see products in action
  • They are looking for swag or giveaways

You can easily accomplish all of these things in a virtual setting. Just think a little differently on utilizing your profile.

For details, specs and information on building out your profile, download the Exhibitor Profile document.

Download the Exhibitor Profile Assets and Specs Document

For information on using the LENND Portal, download the LENND Exhibitor Profile Portal Instructions.

Download the LENND Exhibitor Profile Portal Instructions

Engage with Attendees

Just like at any event, it takes a little work to get attendees to check out your company. Here are some suggestions to engage throughout AFP 2021:

Virtual settings are where business gets done. Utilize the Matchmaking tool to connect with your best leads:

  • Reach out to your current clients and schedule check-ins.
  • Got a prospective client list? Check the pre-conference attendee list and see who will be there to schedule a meeting.
  • Be strategic about who from your team is reaching out to attendees. You don’t want multiple people from your company reaching out to the same person.

For more details on the Matchmaking tool, click here or watch the previously recorded matchmaking information webinar.

Click Here to Watch the Webinar

This event brings together the treasury and finance community. Create some buzz to draw them to your profile. Here are some ideas:

  • Have a raffle drawing for any attendees who visit your profile.
  • Give a Grub Hub gift card to attendees who schedule a meeting.
  • Post on social media using the #AFP2021 and announce a contest or unique offering during the event.
  • Utilize AFP advertising opportunities to amplify your message.
  • Check the pre-conference attendee list to see who is attending. If you have these contacts in your database, email out a special message or offer.

Need some help planning a fun activity or experience for attendees? CSI DMC is the preferred event management partner for AFP 2021. Learn more about CSI DMC here.

Leverage Your Analytics

The virtual setting allows us to share more analytics than ever before, as long as attendee’s opt-in to share their information.

Exhibitor Profiles will receive the following analytics:

  • Unique user visits
  • Total interactions
  • Total downloads
  • Video Views (if applicable)
  • Schedule Meeting

Registrant info includes (if attendee opts-in):

  • Name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Email address
  • Mailing Address

Utilize this information during the event:
Each exhibitor will receive a live Reporting Dashboard for their profile analytics.

  • Before AFP 2021 begins, utilize the pre-conference attendee list to create a contact list of people you want to connect with. Check this throughout the event to see who you still need to meet with.
  • Doing a booth drawing or contest based on attendee activity in your profile? Leverage analytics to see engagement and choose winners.

Utilize this information after the event

  • Update your downloadable content, videos and link with new information. Send users to new landing pages and continue to give them a new experience to keep them engaged.
  • Are new people visiting your profile? Reach out and connect with these new leads.