Corporate Practitioner Team Pricing


You can accomplish so much in just a few days when you bring your team to AFP 2024. Divide and conquer 100+ sessions, meet with all your partners or research new ideas, and head back to the office with strategies you can implement right away. Not to mention the powerful team building you can’t get through a screen or in the office.


Perks for Teams

  • Dedicated meeting space to connect with your team and game plan your schedule or share ideas after a session.
  • Educational sessions to help your team communicate and collaborate more effectively.
  • Curated activities you can participate in to boost your team building, like the AFP 2024 Kick-Off Party or the AFP Aware community service event



Corporate Practitioner Team Pricing

Three or more corporate practitioner registrants from the same organization get team pricing for each member of their team.

Payment ReceivedEach Corporate Practitioner Team Member

By September 13


By October 16


Register Your Corporate Practitioner Team

Complete the DocuSign with your team's information. The AFP Team will review your form and process.

Team Pricing Eligibility:
  • A team consists of three or more qualified corporate practitioner attendees from the same employing company.
  • Corporate practitioners direct or execute finance, treasury or accounting functions in their organization. Examples of job functions include treasurer, controller, risk manager, cash manager, financial analyst, accountant, etc. (Sales, relationship management, consulting, product development and marketing job functions are not eligible for this offer.)
  • All applications are subject to review and approval of eligibility.

If you have any questions on Team Pricing please contact AFP's Director of Sales, Jeff Schiz.