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Vikram Mansharamani

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The Generalist Advantage: Zoom Out to Anticipate the Future

Blinded by expertise and single-minded focus? It happens. But in a fast-paced world driven by complex and diverse factors, the ability for finance professionals to connect the dots is often more important than developing the dots. “The future doesn’t have to surprise you,” so says Vikram Mansharamani, global trend-watcher, Harvard Lecturer, author, and investor. Mansharamani shows attendees how to look differently at their business, spot risks, take multiple points of view, and capture opportunities others miss. His generalist framework is the cornerstone for success in the face of the overwhelming flood of political, economic, technological, social, and market forces that bombard and distract finance teams every day.

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Global Trend-Watcher, Harvard University Lecturer, Author & Investor

Vikram Mansharamani is a global trend-watcher, academic, advisor, and author who shows people how to anticipate the future, manage risk, and spot opportunities. Mansharamani is a regular commentator on issues driving disruption in the global business environment. His ideas and writings have appeared in a long list of publications; he has been honored by LinkedIn as one of their Top Voices and Worth Magazine as one of the 100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance. Mansharamani is the author of Think For Yourself: Restoring Common Sense in an Age of Experts and Artificial Intelligence and Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst. He is currently a lecturer at Harvard University and advises numerous boards and C-suites on navigating today’s overwhelming uncertainty.

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The Generalist Advantage