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How to Create An Irresistible Session Proposal

Are you considering submitting a proposal for AFP 2020 or have you already submitted? Ensure that your proposal stands out from the crowd for the right reasons. In this webinar, Aurora Gregory, Author & Marketing Communications Strategist, along with Fred Schacknies, Senior Vice President & Treasurer of Hilton Worldwide and AFP 2017 Task Force Member, share their insights on what it takes to create a winning session proposal. While this webinar was held for those looking to lead sessions at AFP 2018 these great tips still apply to AFP 2020.

Increase your chances of getting your submission noticed with some of our top tips below.

  1. Write a paragraph rather than use bullet points. Your session should be a narrative, not a list of ideas.
  2. Your session title should draw attention to the subject matter discussed in the body of the submission.
  3. Your proposal should explicitly state how your topic would benefit a corporate practitioner.
  4. As best you can, use the name of the corporations involved in your proposal. A definitive story about a proven process is attractive to reviewers.
  5. Take some time to figure out the format that is appropriate for your submission. Use a format that fits your proposal perfectly, it will have more punch. Consider the best way for attendees to consume the information you are sharing.
  6. Look forward. A session about new issues corporates will be facing in coming years stands out from sessions that cover familiar topics.
  7. Write clearly and use correct grammar. Your description forms the basis for what AFP shares in our program materials, web site, etc.
  8. Submit or update the biography for each speaker. This adds professional credibility to your speakers and your proposal in general.
  9. Write and edit the proposal several times before you finally submit. Taking the extra time will make the focus of the proposal clearer for the task force's review.
  10. AFP Staff is here for guidance—ask questions if you are unsure of an aspect of your submission.