Potential Proposal Topics

Career DevelopmentCapital Markets & InvestmentsFinancial Planning & AnalysisPaymentsRisk ManagementTreasury Management
Adaptability & ResilienceAcquisition FinancingAgile FinanceAlternative PaymentsActivist Investors401(k) Management & Best Practices
Attracting/Hiring/Retaining TalentCapEx PlanningBudgeting and PlanningAP/AR Efficiency & StrategyBusiness Continuity PlanningAccess to Global Liquidity & Funding
Change ManagementCash Investment (Strategies & Techniques)Business IntelligenceBNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) OptionsCommodity Risk ManagementBalance Sheet Management
Coaching & Motivating People/TeamsCredit/CounterpartyBusiness PartneringCard Based PaymentsCyberriskBank Relationship Management
Creativity & Problem SolvingDebt & Capital MarketsCommunication and StorytellingCross Border PaymentsCyber InsuranceCash Forecasting
Crisis ManagementESG - Investor and Issuer PerspectivesData Driven Decision MakingCyber Crime and SecurityEnterprise Risk ManagementCash and Liquidity Planning
Developing Interpersonal SkillsInvesting in DEI and ESGData Governance, Management & IntegrationDigital CurrencyFiduciary RiskCash Management
Diversity & InclusionIssuing Sustainable DebtDeveloping the FP&A FunctionDistributed Ledger TechnologyForeign Exchange Risk ManagementDC & DB Plans
Emerging LeadershipLeasing AnalysisFinancial AnalysisEconomics of RTP vs. Traditional Payments (ACH, Wire)Geo-Political RiskEmerging Technology/Mindshift:  Blockchain/API’s/RPA/AI/Meta
Interviewing SkillsLiquidity ManagementFinancial ModelingElectronic PaymentsHedgingFinancial Wellness Strategy
Leading Culturally & Generationally Diverse TeamsMergers and AcquisitionsForecastingFaster PaymentsInterest Rate RiskLibor/SOFR
Leading Global/Virtual TeamsMacro EconomicsIntegrated Planning and xP&AFedNow UpdateLitigation RiskPension Priorities
NegotiationMonetary PolicyMachine LearningFin TechPension De-RiskingPension Buyouts
Networking (Techniques & Strategies)Portfolio Performance ManagementPredictive AnalyticsIncorporating Mobile PaymentsRegulatory RiskRating Agencies
Personal BrandingShare Buy BacksPresenting Data & Data VisualizationPayments Efficiency-Regulatory Environment
Presentation SkillsTransition to LiborProject InvestmentPayments Fraud-ST/LT Investments
Project Management-Reporting, Dashboards and ScorecardsPayments Standards (Adoption & Strategy)-TMS Implementation
Reinventing the Workplace-Scenario PlanningPayments Strategy-Treasury Operations
Relationship Development & Trust Building-Talent Development--Treasury Technology
Teamwork & Collaboration-Transformation (Digital, Platform, Tools)--Workforce Impacts of Benefit Offerings
-----Working Capital



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At AFP, we believe the treasury and finance profession becomes stronger when diverse voices come together. Our goal is to create an inclusive, respectful conference experience that welcomes participation from people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, religions and ages. As such, we are actively striving to increase the diversity of perspectives within our conference sessions, in order to enrich the experience for the entire treasury and finance community.