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Stacey Vanek Smith


Numbers and Narratives: Seeking a Story Among the Indicators

Are your business partners numbed by numbers? Without setting the right context, the innumerable measures, metrics, KPIs, dashboards and scorecards floating around us challenge our ability to discern their meaning and focus on those that demand attention.  Stacey Vanek Smith, author, correspondent, and podcast host has made a career turning facts, figures, and the arcane minutia of the economy into meaningful narratives. “I am a story seeker,” says Smith, and so is FP&A in the way we interpret and deliver meaning to our analyses. In this keynote, Smith reflects on the use and limit of quantitative indicators, discusses how she breaks down a number to create and communicate a good story, and researches a few indicators for AFP!

April Rinne

April Rinne

Flux: Thriving in Constant Change and Uncertainty Flux Mindset is a concept April Rinne developed for thriving in a world of constant change. She takes treasury and finance leaders on a journey through what a flux mindset is, why it matters, and how to get one. Drawing on her personal and professional experiences with flux, Rinne shares her unconventional and often counter-intuitive strategies for how to think, learn, work, live, and lead better by slowing down enough to get clear on what really matters. Attendees walk away with strategies to better prepare for the unknown and become more resilient by rethinking uncertainty and getting comfortable with ambiguity.

Chloe Demrovsky

Chloe Demrovsky

Tactical Insight: Re-evaluating the Risk and Resilience Status Quo Gaining a better understanding of the future trends in risk and resilience is critical for treasury and finance executives to navigate risks facing their organizations. Leveraging key findings from Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) research, Chloe Demrovsky reviews the decisions leaders must make in a post-Covid world and provides tactical insight on how to strengthen and improve enterprise-wide business continuity practices to address various risks such as supply chain and cybersecurity. Additionally, Demrovsky discusses how leaders must be prepared to partner with their boards on developing risk management strategies as recent events have underscored the need for both boards and management teams to reassess their approach to mitigate risk.

Dr. Simone Ahuja


Fast and Frugal Intrapreneurship: Solving Problems with the Resources You Already Have

For treasury and finance professionals, solving the biggest problems starts with utilizing existing resources. Great things can be accomplished when pairing a growth mindset and a simple toolkit. Based on her research in emerging markets and her bestselling book, Jugaad Innovation, Dr. Simone Ahuja shares inspiring stories of frugal innovators who solve problems large and small with the right mindset and a set of guiding principles. This high-value, low-resource approach to problem-solving occurs at the intersection of business, design, and social innovation, provides attendees with tactics and strategies for using creativity to reframe problems as opportunities while also gaining support for new ideas to move faster and have a greater impact.  

Kaihan Krippendorff


Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted We are experiencing a historic acceleration in the pace of change in our world. Artificial intelligence, digitization, robotics, 3D printing, and the rise of purpose-driven enterprises are reconfiguring how industries operate. These changes divide us into two camps: the “Disruptors” and the “Disrupted”. Entrepreneur, author, consultant and CEO Kaihan Krippendorff has spent over a decade studying what makes companies and individuals thrive in the face of disruption, while others fall behind; what gives some the power to shape the future and makes others fail to keep up. In this keynote, Krippendorff breaks down the underlying patterns of disruption and with compelling stories of successes, failures, and yet-unknown innovations, teaches practical tools to help you take action and become a Disruptor.

Check out a video of a recent conversation between Krippendorff and AFP President & CEO Jim Kaitz on the AFP 2022 Blog.

Dr. Lisa Bélanger

Dr. Lisa Belanger

Brains at Their Best: Behaviors for Peak Performance and Proactive Mental Health For many organizations, their greatest asset is the productivity, creativity, and innovation of their people. What can we do to promote brain health and optimal performance in our teams and in ourselves? In this eye-opening keynote, Dr. Lisa Bélanger draws on psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience to empower attendees to take control of their behaviors and offers daily practices to think more clearly, make better decisions, be more productive, build resilience, and have more energy. Bélanger shares the most effective ways to manage short-term and long-term stress while providing practical exercises and strategies that require little time but offer significant gains in mental strength.

Laila Ali


Peak Performance Needs an “All In” Attitude The challenges that treasury and finance professionals must successfully navigate are as complex as ever. Never one to backdown from a challenge, Laila Ali developed the values of hard work, determination, courage, and self-belief growing up as the youngest child of the legendary boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali. As an undefeated, four-time boxing champion, Ali has successfully applied the discipline she gained as an elite athlete throughout her unique career as an entrepreneur, TV personality and author. Constantly looking to defeat her next challenge, Ali shares tactics and strategies for navigating complex challenges and turning intentions into actions. 

Adam Grant


Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

The past year has led us to rethink fundamental assumptions—where to work, how to manage remote culture and collaboration, whether to reimagine our strategy and our products or services. Yet too many leaders and employees, reluctant to think in new ways, have taken a reactionary approach that threatens the overall health of the organization.

Organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, examines how treasury and finance professionals can evolve their thinking, open their minds, and build a learning organization in which people know what they don’t know and are eager to improve upon the status quo. His eye-opening evidence and entertaining delivery will leave attendees determined to never again say “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”