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As an executive, your job goes way beyond the everyday tasks of treasury and finance. Your strategic skills and leadership abilities are just as important as your industry knowledge. Mastering this combination is essential for the modern-day executive. The AFP Executive Institute and Executive content at AFP 2020 is designed to make you a better leader.


Executive Institute Keynotes

Flow and Business: Unlocking the Secrets of Peak Performance
Steven Kotler
Author, Stealing Fire

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Why Not? Achieve Your Full Potential by Rethinking the Question: Why?
Tracy Walder
Former CIA Officer, FBI Agent, and Author

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Executive Roundtables* 

Discuss pressing issues and explore solutions on topics important to you with your fellow executive peers.

Educational Sessions

Educational Sessions in the Executive Institute*

Executive Roundtable: Managing Risk through the Pandemic and Beyond
In the current environment of volatility, have you shifted your FX hedging program, cybersecurity preparedness, or make changes to your cyber policies as a result? What about your providers preparedness- did your relationships with them stay intact? What did you learn in terms of remote connectivity? Amid furloughs, and layoffs, what experience did you have with making sure your team was staying on task and on time? This roundtable gives executive practitioners the opportunity to discuss the key areas of their risk management programs that have been put into action during the pandemic while hearing key insights from recent industry research.

Executive Roundtable: Capital Markets In a Time of Liquidity Crisis
The global pandemic has served as a time of intense difficulty for individuals and organizations alike. For practitioners, managing liquidity has become the critical function in building the organization’s defenses against an economy in peril. What has emerged from the capital markets has been nothing short of amazing. Over subscription on deals, PPP Loans, and credit valuation metrics were among some of the areas seen by many of our members. How will your balance sheet be prepared for next year? What levers do you have available to weather the storm? This roundtable gives executive practitioners the opportunity to discuss how they are approaching the capital markets during these unprecedented times.

Attendance to the AFP Executive Institute is limited to corporate practitioners with the title of treasurer, chief financial officer, vice president of finance, assistant treasurer or controller.