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As an executive, your job goes way beyond the everyday tasks of treasury and finance. Your strategic skills and leadership abilities are just as important as your industry knowledge. Mastering this combination is essential for the modern-day executive. The AFP Executive Institute and Executive content at AFP 2021 is designed to make you a better leader.

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Executive Institute Keynotes



Demaurice Smith

Operational Game Strategy: Managing Plans, Politics, And Personalities

Director of the National Football League Players' Association (NFLPA), DeMaurice Smith, shares insider stories drawn from his current leadership role and his previous life as a homicide prosecutor that exemplify the importance of strategic planning and contextual decision making.



Sheila Heen

Navigating Your Most Complex Conversations With Greater Skill And Better Outcomes

Author, Co-Founder of Triad Consulting Group, and Harvard Law School Professor Sheila Heen provides a framework to understand the structure of tough conversations, and tools for approaching a challenging situation when your usual problem-solving methods are no longer working.


Executive Roundtables

  • Managing the Complexity of the Libor Transition
    Sponsored by: FinLync
  • Consolidation, Standardization and Cost Controls in Treasury Technology
  • Readiness for Libor (Virtual only)

Executive Reception

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Executive Institute Sessions

These are sessions happening at the Executive Institute.

Libor’s Death and the Rise of the Multi-Rate Universe
Join us for this panel discussion about Libor’s scheduled sunset. The up-to-the-minute content of this session includes an exploration of how existing Libor contracts fall back to new reference rates and what reference rates are being used — and will likely be used in lieu of Libor — for new instruments. The panel also discusses operational challenges associated with various Libor fallback approaches and various new reference rates (including various versions of SOFR), “hedge-ability” of replacement reference rates, the status of legislation that impacts legacy Libor contracts, and the role of regulatory and trade associations in this process.

Leading Stellar Global Teams
This interactive session begins by introducing participants to the foundational components of Stellar Virtual Teams. This foundation is a structure leaders can put in place to ensure their individual team members are functioning effectively. These foundational components ensure consistency by inspiring leaders to work with their teams to establish a common language and set of practices to guide their work together. The second half of this session focuses on how leaders can communicate to foster high-performance in a virtual space. Attendees learn ways to interact and relate with their team members to ensure that each person thrives while speakers share their experiences to help leaders create stellar global finance teams.

The Role of Finance in Creating an Ownership Culture
As we come out of the pandemic, many organizations are considering ways to encourage managers to think longer term and be more prepared when unexpected situations arise. Despite the best of intentions, many common practices of finance leaders and their organizations serve as obstacles to longer-term owner-like behavior across the organizations. Speakers discuss short-termism and how it happens, as well as a playbook for creating an ownership culture by improving performance measurement, strategic resource allocation and business performance management, including incentive compensation, using step by step case-study examples from Varian Medical Systems.

Attendance to the AFP Executive Institute and Executive Content is limited to corporate practitioners with the title of treasurer, chief financial officer, vice president of finance, assistant treasurer or controller.

Sessions for Executives

These are AFP 2021 sessions specifically tailored for executives.


Are Zero Interest Rates Really Different This Time?
While the Global Financial Crisis is far behind us, the current pandemic shares similar economic conditions that have generated a low-rate environment as well as stark differences. Speakers discuss how the playbook has evolved from the last low-rate environment, examine the surface similarities and uncover the underlying differences. Learn how leaders are navigating this market, what they have learned from the past and what has changed.


Prepare Now to Accelerate Your Business with Instant Payments
The Federal Reserve is paving the way for an industry transition toward ubiquitous, faster payments in the U.S. With real-time clearing and settlement capabilities to support a broad range of transaction types and use cases, FedNowSM, The Fed’s instant payments service, promises to empower financial institutions, technology providers, and businesses to serve the hyper digital world of tomorrow. This session gives payments leaders a look into the developments that are forthcoming, the benefits of instant payment, and outlines why taking action today is paramount to stay ahead or else risk falling behind. Leave this session empowered with the knowledge your organization needs to embrace instant payments.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Creating an Agile Finance Team at Swiss Re
Finance teams will need to reinvent the services they deliver and how they are delivered in order to help organizations make quick and informed decisions. Swiss Re took on the challenge of transforming their finance team from a traditional hierarchal structure to one that is more dynamic. They began by creating a clear culture/vision, dividing work across global centers, adjusting staffing to get the right resource, reducing non-value add activities, and turned the organizational chart on its side (literally). Get an inside view of Swiss Re’s successes and failures through this transformation and their outlook on sustaining a transformative finance team into the future.

Risk Management

Human Factors: The Greatest Threat to Your Cybersecurity Strategy
Cyber fraud is threatening the operations and bottom line of virtually every organization. An increased growth in cybersecurity careers indicates combatting cyber fraud is a top priority at many organizations yet, cybersecurity measures often focus on technology and overlook the human factor. An FBI agent, a corporate executive, and a cybersecurity professional with expertise in human factors share their knowledge, experience, and perspectives on today’s biggest cybersecurity risks. The discussion covers the role human factors play in exposing businesses to attacks by malware, ransomware, business email fraud, account takeover, and more.

Capital Markets & Investments

Risk, Resilience and ESG: Building it from the Ground Up at Dealer Tire
Building Environmental, Social, and Governance competence in the face of cascading risks challenges many companies today. Together finance and treasury possess the knowledge and tools that position them at the nexus of ESG efforts, both from a compliance and reporting standpoint, but even more from a leadership and strategic perspective. In this session centered on the work of ESG initiatives at Dealer Tire, senior risk and treasury professionals discuss the challenges and opportunities at play in inspiring, building, and reporting on ESG with a broad stakeholder group.