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Payments Keynote

Payments Keynote

Kelvin Coleman

Executive Director, TIC Council Americas


The 5th Domain

The world faces a dangerous combination of known and unknown cyber vulnerabilities. Today, we encounter strong and rapidly expanding adversaries utilizing new tools and techniques with ever increasing technical capabilities. Let’s call these the good ol’ days because securing the future, especially in the workplace, will be the real challenge. This session focuses on the rise of artificial intelligence, its impact on the cybersecurity of payment infrastructures and what payments professionals can do to combat the bad actors. Additional discussion includes how the proliferation of the Internet of Things will challenge our capacity to protect data.


Kelvin Coleman currently serves as the Executive Director for TIC Council Americas. In this role, he leads activities in Canada, U.S., and Latin America with a focus on digitalization, international trade, ESG and consumer product safety. Prior to this role, he was an Executive Partner at IBM. Coleman has served in several roles in the public, private, and non-profit sectors including as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the National Cybersecurity Alliance. He has served on the White House National Security Council – Cyber Directorate as the director of State Engagement. During his career he has also served as the Cyber Policy Executive at the National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center and as Strategic Director at FireEye.

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