Content for Executives

As an executive, your job goes way beyond the everyday tasks of treasury and finance. Your strategic skills and leadership abilities are just as important as your industry knowledge. Mastering this combination is essential for the modern day executive. The AFP Executive Institute and Executive content at AFP 2019 is designed to make you a better leader.


Executive Institute Monday Luncheon*

The Science of a Positive Growth Mindset
Neil Pasricha
Author, The Happiness Equation

Learn more about the Monday Luncheon here.

Executive Institute Tuesday Luncheon*

The Intersection of How Markets, Policy and Strategy are Impacting Your Organization
Rosie Rios
43rd Treasurer of the United States

Learn more about the Tuesday Luncheon here.


AFP Executive Institute Lounge*

Looking to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of AFP 2019? We get it, everyone needs a little R&R from time to time. Stop by the AFP Executive Institute Lounge to connect with peers while you recharge your phone’s batteries - and your own.

The AFP Executive Institute and AFP Executive Institute Lounge are sponsored by PNC.

Executive Coaching*

Leadership expert, Chip Colbert, will be leading mini sessions that focus on topics important to you. Think of these as short exercises that will help you flex your leadership muscles. Sessions will cover Change Management, Effective Team Building and Quality Communication.

Executive Roundtables* 

Discuss pressing issues and explore solutions on topics important to you with your fellow executive peers.

Executive Coaching and Roundtables are sponsored by RTP network ®.

Educational Sessions

Educational Sessions in the Executive Institute*

How are CFOs Evaluating Treasury and Treasurer Performance?
Long seen as primarily a cash processer, the treasury function is becoming less static, crossing over to being a strategic player on the CFO’s team. With this expanded role comes the challenge of identifying the Treasury Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - liquidity metrics, risk reduction metrics, reduced borrowing cost/increased interest cost or other contributions to net income. This session of industry treasurers looks at how the treasury function is evolving, the value it brings to the CFO and ways to employ quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Trade Wars: Facing the Business Impact of Tariffs
Faced with new risks to their supply chain caused by trade tariffs and trade agreement/treaty disruptions companies are assessing the impact. Many are adjusting their business strategies accordingly– delaying or canceling investment decisions, modifying supply chains and considering relocation of some or all manufacturing. In this session, corporate practitioners present an overview of the current international economy and discuss the need for organizations to plan for operating in an environment of chaos and future uncertainty.

Live Hack and Data Breach Masterclass
As financial sector enterprises grow, they become more exposed to cyber risk through the global reach of their operations and a growing number of third-party relationships. Research shows that companies that are prepared for a cyber attack are less likely to suffer a data breach in the first place, experience less damage, are better able to respond, and are quicker to recover! In this interactive live demonstration, data security experts discuss how you can prepare your organization to respond to a data breach and test the soundness of your organization game-plan in the event of a breach.

It’s all in the Data: Improving Analytics to Build Real-time Risk Management and Next Gen Risk Finance
By next year, 1.7 megabytes of data will be produced every second by each of the Earth’s 8 billion people. Organizations that leverage data to manage risk in real-time have the potential to both reduce and transfer risk more effectively, but for many, making effective use of this data remains a stumbling block. Attend this discussion and learn how to prepare your organization to take advantage of new opportunities to implement real-time risk management strategies.

Additional Educational Sessions for Executives

  • Sink or Swim: LIBOR’s Transition to a New Reference Rate Leaves Investors Less Than Buoyant
  • Drowning in Liquidity but Still Thirsty: How Much is Too Much?
  • Acquisition Financing: Managing Banks, Rating Agencies and Investors to Minimize Cost of Capital
  • Balancing Your Team: The Diversity Multiple
  • The Politics of Communication
  • Exploiting the IT and Finance Partnership to Trail-blaze Digital Finance
  • Global Payment Integration: Success Stories in Optimization
  • Beyond Speed: Emerging Payments Application in the Real World
  • Chasing The Interest Rate Differential – Lessons Learned
  • Dismantling corporate silos through embedded process controls

    Attendance to the AFP Executive Institute is limited to corporate practitioners with the title of treasurer, chief financial officer, vice president of finance, assistant treasurer or controller.