Exhibitor Webinar

Q: What is new on the exhibit floor?

A: This year, we are working with a new general service contractor, T3 Expo. We are also bringing more content to the floor to encourage more people to check out the exhibit hall. The Mind Shift Stage and Learning Lounges have been replaced with an Insight Stage, a Payments Stage and a Knowledge Hub where speakers will be doing Q&As.

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Q: Who are the preferred vendors?

A: T3 Expo, our new general service contractor, will handle booth cleaning, custom booths/rigging and shipping services. Other preferred vendors include:

  • Aramark: catering service
  • CMR: housing
  • Expo Logic: lead retrieval
  • Freeman AV: audio visual & computers
  • IESS Events: security
  • National Plant & Floral, Inc.: floral service
  • Roberts Event Group: event planning & transportation

For the full list of preferred vendors and their contact information, please see page 7 of the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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Q: What food and beverage options does the Pennsylvania Convention Center have?

A: Aramark is the exclusive food and beverage provider for the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC). All food and beverage arrangements should be made directly with the catering manager. This includes concession stands and any food- or beverage-related giveaways. If PCC approves you to bring food or beverage that is not supplied by Aramark, a corkage fee will apply.

Individually wrapped chocolates, candies and mints are acceptable in small quantities. Corkage fees apply for large candy displays.

Aramark requires that an Aramark/SFS to bartender dispense all alcoholic beverages. Labor fees apply.

For more information about Aramark’s food and beverage services, please see page 47 of the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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Q: What is the installation schedule for booths in the exhibit hall?

A: New this year, if your booth is larger than 401 square feet (larger than 20x20), you may begin installation on Thursday, October 20. The full installation schedule is as follows:

Booths larger than 401 square ftThursday, October 208 AM to 5 PM
All exhibitorsFriday, October 218 AM to 5 PM
All exhibitorsSaturday, October 228 AM to 5 PM
All exhibitorsSunday, October 238 AM to 2 PM

Booths must be installed and ready to go by Sunday, October 23 at 2 PM.

For the full exhibitor conference schedule, please see page 22 of the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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Q: Does the Pennsylvania Convention Center have a labor agreement?

A: Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC), managed by ASM Global, has a 10-year Customer Satisfaction Agreement which offers labor stability through 2029 and enables the general service contractors and other service providers to partner with labor to improve areas of the show experience.

PCC has four unions in its facility: electricians, laborers, riggers and stagehands. PCC has a core team in place which includes individuals that have worked many events.

To learn more, please see the PCC website.

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Q: As an exhibitor, what can I do on my own, and what do I need to hire labor for?

A: Within your booth area or show space, full-time employees of the exhibiting company (as long as there is not an exhibitor appointed contractor for the booth setup/dismantle) have the freedom to set up and tear down your display, hang graphics and signage, install floor coverings and install non-rented AV equipment, including tablets for non-public use without limitation to booth size. You may also:

  • Place, move and remove your own easels.
  • Open boxes; stock shelves; and set up, hang up and freely distribute your non-bulk products/literature within your booth or show space — if you’re the exhibitor or their full-time staff.
  • Use your own dollies, luggage carriers, non-hydraulic carts and two-to-four-wheel hand trucks when unloading your personally owned vehicle.
  • Drive your non-commercially registered, personally owned vehicle to a designated area to unload.
  • Use your own power tools and ladders (up to six feet) to set up and tear down exhibits.
  • Set up all personally owned computers for non-public use.

Show labor should handle movement of bulk product and tasks that involve a large amount of movement within your booth. Any third-party computers must be set up by stagehands. The primary power must be connected by the ASM electricians.

For the full Enhanced Exhibitor Work Rules, please see page 51 of the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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Q: Are there guidelines around setting up computers in the booth?

A: Exhibitors may set up and connect all personally owned computers for non-public use. Any third-party computers must be set up by stagehands.

You may also bring your own wireless routers to attach to the hardware. The internet drop and any additional cabling is handled by the ASM electricians.

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How do I order electrical service for my booth and when is the deadline?

A: Electrical service is not included within the booth fee. The advance rate service deadline for electricity is September 28. We highly recommend ordering by this deadline as it will save you money and improve efficiencies. There are no minimum calls for electricians, so you will only pay for the service material rental and labor.

You may bring your own wireless routers to attach to the hardware. The internet drop and any additional cabling is handled by the ASM electricians.

Providing a rendering and scaled floor plan noting power drop locations in your booth and/or room is highly recommended. All hardwiring of lights and signs with an electrical component require an ASM electrician.

For the Electrical Service Checklist, please see page 52 of the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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Do I need to submit booth floor plans to AFP?

A: Any exhibitor with a custom booth must email their booth drawings to [email protected] for approval by AFP. The deadline for island and custom booths to submit floor plans is September 26. AFP will work with T3 on any booths that are custom designed by their team.

We highly recommend that you also supply the exhibitor services department with a rendered and scaled floor plan to aid with installation, including rigging and lighting if ordered.

If you are using an exhibitor appointed contractor, you must submit drawings as well as insurance information per the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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Q: How do I order audiovisual for my booth and when is the deadline?

A: The early pricing deadline for audiovisual (AV) is September 26. Our preferred vendor, Freeman AV, provides AV and computers. Please note that you will need to order electrical service and internet separately.

For more information on AV, please see page 44 of the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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Q: What is the T3 Community?

A: The T3 Community is an exhibitor portal, which is essentially an interactive online kit. It includes information to help plan your booth, including frequently asked questions, important deadlines, rules and regulations. Access the T3 Community page.

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Q: What is the T3 Order Portal?

A: The T3 Order Portal is an e-commerce site where you can enter your booth size and see which features you can purchase for your booth. The page also includes important dates and information to help you plan your booth. Visit the T3 Order Portal and scroll down until you see AFP 2022.

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As an exhibitor, can I bring my own photographer/videographer?

A: Yes, you may use your own photographers/videographers in your booth, provided you give the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC) a list of equipment that the photographers/videographers are bringing. Based on this list, PCC will determine if any labor calls will need to be placed.

Please note that your photographers/videographers are only allowed in your booth. They may not enter AFP 2022 sessions, including, but not limited to, educational programming and keynotes.

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