Exhibitor Webinar

Q: Where can I find the exhibitor kit?

A: The exhibitor kit can be found on the conference website under the “I’m an Exhibitor” button on the Exhibitors & Sponsors Page.

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Q: Who is the exhibitor catering contact?

A: Mary Forney, Exhibitor Catering Sales Manager

E-mail: [email protected]

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Q: What is the price for turnkey packages?

A: Visit the “Become an Exhibitor” page on the conference website. Then click “Turnkey Booth” – See the Booth Options – sizing, passes and pricing.

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Q: Do EACs need to purchase full exhibitor badges to access the show floor once it officially starts, or will wristbands be given?

A: If the EAC will be working the booth during show hours, then yes, they will need to purchase an exhibitor badge. You can purchase hall-only passes via the exhibitor portal. If the EAC is only setting up or taking down the booth, wristbands will be provided. All EACs must be registered in advance to receive a wristband. Visit the Exhibitor Portal to register your EAC.

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Q: Is there a "non-full conference" exhibitor ticket? We would like to have one of our staff at the booth without attending the conference.

A: Yes, you can purchase additional Exhibit Hall Only passes via the Exhibitor Portal.

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Q: Who has access to the exhibitor kit? Can I send the link to a third-party vendor?

A: Only the primary and secondary company contacts have access to the exhibitor portal, which contains the exhibitor kit.

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Q: Who do I contact about inbound and outbound shipping?

A: Visit the exhibitor kit for shipping instructions and labels. For additional assistance, contact T3 Expo at [email protected].

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Q: Where can I find the exhibit hall floor plan?

A: The floor plan can be found on the conference website under the Exhibitors & Sponsors tab.

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Q: Where can I find a diagram of the convention center?

A: The floor plan of the San Diego Convention Center can be accessed by clicking here.

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Q: At what time and through what process should we allocate the purchased tickets to individuals (names)?

A: The AFP 2023 Exhibitor Full Conference Rate will be as follows:

  • $1,585 per registration from June 10, 2023, through 11:59 p.m. ET September 15, 2023.
  • $1,799 per registration from September 16, 2023, through onsite registration.  

TO PURCHASE ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION PASSES through the online exhibitor portal, take inventory of how many you need because these purchases are non-refundable. Please follow these instructions:

  • The primary booth contact must first assign the complimentary registrations that come with the booth to colleagues until there are none left to assign.
  • Purchase the registration. During the checkout process, make sure to enter the email address of the person who needs to receive a receipt, which will have the name and address of the primary booth contact on it — not the information of the person for whom the pass is being purchased. This is a blank registration slot that needs to be assigned.
  • Assign the blank registration pass that was just purchased to one of your colleagues by searching for his/her/their name. Follow the instructions/prompts.
  • Once you have successfully assigned a representative under the appropriate Exhibit Show they will be listed along with the date you registered them, creating a comprehensive list of all those currently registered under your organization within the dashboard. They will immediately receive a confirmation email letting them know you have registered them.
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