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AFP 2023 Blog

AFP 2023 Blog

AFP 2023 Blog

Solving Business Problems Through Financial Analysis

Oct 3, 2023

Oana Labes, Founder & President, Financiario, shares three requirements for financial analysis and explains her process when analyzing a set of financial statements.

Wassia Kamon, VP of Finance and Corporate Controller, Low Income Investment Fund, uncovers two main roadblocks that accountants face when making the transition to FP&A and shares four tips to overcome them.

Check Out Their Session at AFP 2023

Want to learn more from Oana and Wassia? Check out their session, "Solving Business Problems Through Financial Analysis," on October 23 at 1:45 PM.

Financial Analysis is an essential tactical tool to resolve key business challenges linked to profitability, liquidity and performance management, but its strategic use remains undervalued despite its proven effectiveness in handling complex business issues! Using real-world business cases, Oana and Wassia will explore key financial analysis techniques and practical implementation frameworks to manage growth and operations under numerous constraints ranging from cash flow to talent management. This session aims to reinvigorate appreciation for the strategic use of financial analysis by showcasing how it can improve financial health and business performance, enhance their impact and influence, and promote financial analysis within the organization.

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