AFP Aware

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AFP understands the importance of providing our members with opportunities for both professional and personal growth while making meaningful connections with members. AFP Aware lets Conference attendees give back to the community while enhancing the wellbeing of others.

AFP Aware 2021 - The Skatepark Project

AFP 2021 in-person attendees can join The Skatepark Project, founded by Tony Hawk, in giving the gift of skateboarding. Together, we’ll build 100 complete skateboards—assembling the decks, trucks, wheels, and grip tape—to give to underserved youth who may not otherwise have access to this mode of transportation, free play, exercise, and self-expression. Tony Hawk himself will even stop by to lend his expertise!

As the location for AFP 2022, we will be partnering with Philadelphia-based organization Philly Skates to distribute the skateboards to their network of youth in underserved communities. Learn more about Philly Skates here.

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This event is for in-person corporate practitioner attendees only. Attendance is limited.