Visiting Chicago


Chicago is filled with a plethora of unique neighborhoods. Here are the ones you need to put on your can't miss list. Be sure to check out the top attractions Chicago has to offer too. 

McCormick Square

AN18-Chicago_McCormickSquare-51564New to Chicago, is the vibrant and trendy area of McCormick Square. Here you’ll find iconic museums like the Glessner House Museum and an array of dining options that are sure to give you a true taste of Chicago. 

South Loop

AN18-Chicago_SouthLoop-23938The South Loop is a collective area of parks, museums, and historic living quarters like “Millionaire’s Row” which was home to Chicago’s most wealthy elite in the 19th century. Also located in the South Loop is Grant Park, a local favorite and tourist magnet for major city events such as the Chicago Blues Festival and Taste of Chicago. 


AN18-Chicago_Chinatown-81694Visit one of the largest Chinatown’s in the United States and experience authentic cuisine, shops, and signature landmarks such as the Buddhist Temple. Be ready to explore this dynamic neighborhood through taste and sight with captivating public art at every corner and award winning restaurants. 


AN18-Chicago_Pilsen-45993Make sure to have your camera ready in the Pilsen neighborhood because you’ll want to capture all the unique murals that come along with it. It’s hard to miss these mesmerizing displays of art alongside homes, restaurants, and railways. Enjoy storefront art galleries and the rich history this diverse area has to offer.