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Treasury Management

Riding the Tide of Change

The landscape for corporate balance sheet investors and issuers is dramatically different today than it has been in recent memory. With tax reform a reality, global treasury personnel are looking for best practices around product usage, global balance sheet structure, efficiency and impact mitigation. With an eye towards issuance and market activity, this discussion looks at optimal capital structures, available investment solutions, and opportunities within investment grade credit. An expert panel highlights the ways several multi-national companies are riding the tide of change, making these market disruptions work to their advantage.

Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Treasury: Added Value?

Corporate Treasury is turning to Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to better manage liquidity, control risk and support business initiatives. In this session gain a structured perspective on how to drive your Big Data and AI strategy and demystify integration of these opportunities in your operations. Beyond the potential that can be released from your data, learn about leveraging the data and insights from your financial institutions and other providers. 

Can a Bot do your Rolling Cash Forecast?

Bots have the potential to play a vital role in improving cash flow forecasting. But how efficient are bots? Will they bring more negatives than positives to Treasury functions? Will the data be more accurate? Attend this session for an in-depth discussion of these questions and explore how new technologies can improve the forecasting process.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Integrating Treasury & FP&A

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals was in the midst of significant organizational changes including acquisitions, new internal financing processes, and major investments to launch products. In this rapidly changing environment, they needed more advanced balance sheet modeling, planning, and cash forecasting capabilities in addition to tight collaboration and integration between treasury and FP&A. Learn how Sunovion met this challenge head on while significantly improving cash forecasting accuracy, deploying a best practice based treasury and FP&A operating model, and leveraging a foundation for continuous improvement.

It’s not Just Finance: Product Investment Decisions in Corporate Transition

In 2017 CSC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise merged service businesses to form DXC Technology. After the merger an executive investment review committee was established to decide product funding priorities and oversee the new company’s product management organization integration. To effectively identify and fund high value investment opportunities the committee needed to understand product performance, integration progress, and new investments’ potential value creation. However, providing the committee with detailed financial information was a challenge. Attendees learn how financial, operational, management and other information and performance measures can be integrated to enhance new product funding decisions.

Using Big Data Analytics in Executive Reporting

Big Data analytics tools are becoming more popular in organizations. This discussion examines the role these tools play in reporting to executives and the Board and whether it is a good idea to give executives access to these tools as a substitute for regular reports. Additional conversation includes a look into which visuals should be used when creating these reports, the options for exporting visuals and data, and how to clean up the exports in common office software.


Creating a Global T&E Card Program while Leveraging Enhanced Technology and Capabilities

Harley-Davidson transformed its decentralized T&E card program - with13 different card providers over 5 countries - into one Global T&E Card Program, covering 28 countries for 3,200 employees. In this session H-D takes summarizes their RFP process and program implementation process.  Attendees gain insight into the challenges encountered, and successful outcomes - increased employee satisfaction, enhanced fraud prevention and increased rebate.

From Innovating to Driving Impact: Capitalizing on the FinTech Boom to Transform your Business

The emergence of digital disruption, artificial intelligence and FinTech is upon us. To drive impact in their business to stay ahead of the competition within this environment, today’s finance professionals need to fully incorporate financial technologies, must be agile in their business, ambitious in their goals, and effective in managing their teams through change. In this case study, journey through the experience of a leading North American logistics company, Livingston International that successfully capitalized on the FinTech boom by integrating automation into their corporate strategy, and transitioned their financial operations into a digital platform to effectively transact with customers.

Risk Management

Cybersecurity: The Critical Role of Your Human Firewall

Globally, cyberattacks through business email are one of the largest threats to corporates, accounting for more than $5 billion dollars in losses. Combatting this rampant fraud requires a combination of cybersecurity technology and vigilant human capital. In this panel discussion, Anadarko Petroleum and Rotary International share best practices in educating their human firewall to mitigate risk; an FBI agent presents a law enforcement perspective on the need for ongoing education to aggressively combat threats; practitioners demonstrate fraud scenarios, and highlight procedures and processes for combatting fraud.

Creating Resilient Treasury Risk Management in Volatile Times

At the intersection of risk management and real life sits resilience: the ability to assess unforeseen events, adjust strategy quickly, while achieving successful outcomes for the corporation. Join this moderated panel of Treasury professionals as they discuss the challenges faced in implementing a treasury plan to prepare for unexpected risk in volatile times: FX exposure risks posed by the Brexit vote; climate change preparations, how they worked, or didn’t, during a natural disaster; managing risks as Treasurer when commodity prices plunged unexpectedly.

Treasury Fraud: Locking Down your Best Defense

The cybercrime landscape is constantly shifting, with criminals finding new and more sophisticated ways to gain access to your company’s information and funds. The most significant threat to today’s treasurers include the use of ransomware and an alarming increase in treasury fraud – from business email compromise to malicious insiders. To mitigate these risks the best defense is often a good offense. Attend this session for a focused discussion on the most recent threats to your treasury and the best practices you can adopt to keep fraud at bay. This expert panel of banking and corporate treasury professionals give you a comprehensive look at strategies for implementing a risk-based approach, effective technologies and the role insurance can play in preventing treasury fraud.

Career Development

Get Where You Want to Go and Keep Going: Managing Your Career Journey

Career advancement and development are critical components on the path toward achieving personal and professional satisfaction. Both must be relentlessly pursued in parallel tracks to realize success while navigating the inevitable ups and downs of a career journey. Learn from the practices that three successful professionals utilized to set and achieved their career goals, while adapting to new roles and responsibilities along the way. Acquire techniques that support successful career progression, while capitalizing on opportunities and utilizing available tools to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

The Evolution of a Great Numbers Presentation

Presenting numerical information is a communication skill, and your numbers must tell a story. Just getting the numbers right is only 10% of your job, just as spelling your words correctly is only a tiny part of a writing challenge. With the backdrop of a common valuation and acquisition scenario, attendees learn techniques and walk through the steps needed to turn a meaningless pile of numbers into a coherent narrative that bolsters the presenter’s reputation as a deep business thinker and not just a number cruncher.

Leveraging Introversion as a Superpower

Introverts naturally have innate abilities that are key to building relationships, which are critical to effectively communicate in any endeavor.  This is especially true with a career in finance. Even if you're not an introvert, understanding this superpower can unleash your own unique abilities in the same way. Learn how to turn introversion into jobs, assignments and opportunities. Gain an understanding of how introverts can take on more than may be perceived and how to utilize this trait to quickly and effectively close skills gaps and drive results. 

Capital Markets & Investments

Mind the (Yield) Gap: Corporate Cash Strategies for Rising Rate Environments

For years, cash managers “enjoyed” steady short-term bond markets, but the landscape has shifted. With rising rates and increased yields, suddenly the unrealized losses are increasing, and the impact of elevated cash balances on EPS has caught the CFO’s attention. To balance the portfolio, capture higher yields, and minimize unrealized losses a new strategy must be implemented. This sessions examines important portfolio construction tactics utilized at Garmin to successfully position their portfolio to benefit from recent rate increases and volatility.

Keep Calm and Carry On: How Corporations are Preparing for European Money Market Fund Reform

In the United States, investors had to deal with Money Market Fund reform in 2016 and now it’s Europe’s turn. With the January 2019 implementation deadline rapidly approaching, this expert panel explains the EU regulatory changes, the anticipated impact on offshore money market fund industry, and the strategies corporate investors are considering as a result. By understanding the scope of these reforms and how they differ from those implemented in the US, global investors can anticipate and be prepared for the changing liquidity investment landscape.

Disruption: Distraction or Opportunity? A look at Today’s Liquidity Environment

Join this discussion on the disruptive nature and impact of market and technological forces affecting cash and liquidity management markets today. Discussion focuses on balance sheet impacts and cash deployment strategies following global disruptions from regulatory and legislative changes; including corporate tax reform, Brexit, and EU Money Market Fund Reform. The panel shares experiences on how corporations have reformulated their approach using technology in order to monitor and make decisions about risk management, cash segmentation and product solutions in a changing environment.

Retirement Plans & Benefits

Key Considerations with Alternative Investments for Pension Plans

When considering whether to add alternative investments to the overall investment strategy of a company’s pension assets, practitioners must weigh the advantages against the potential risks.  Within a case study framework this session explores the legal and tax implications of using alternative investments as part of an investment strategy for pension assets, including common terms in agreements, best practices for institutional investors, side letter provisions to negotiate with investment funds, and strategies to minimize risk exposure to unrelated business income tax (UBTI).

Proven Partnering Practices for Best-in-class Retirement Programs

The challenge of managing costs, reducing risk and ensuring compliance, within a complex regulatory and legislative environment while still achieving high participant satisfaction is a great one. This case study explores the dynamics of treasury, finance and human resources partnering techniques utilized by PATH, an international nonprofit organization and leader in global health innovation. Attendees walk away with best practices that generate a 98% participation rate and high asset retention, including financial wellness programs, while building a framework for measuring the success of the 401(k) plan and strategies to effectively communicate with participants.