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AFP 2023 Blog

AFP 2023 Blog

3 Reasons Students and Early Career Professionals Should Attend AFP 2023

Jul 27, 2023

Even if you’re still in school or just starting out your career in treasury and finance, conferences are a great way to discover possibilities for your career path, learn from others in your field and talk to potential future employers. Here are three reasons why attending AFP 2023 is an investment in your future.

Soak up the knowledge

One of the best ways to learn about emerging trends and the latest best practices in your field is to attend a professional conference. You can hear directly from leading professionals on what they’re doing and even ask them questions. This is information you can’t get in the classroom. With 130+ educational sessions across six tracks, at AFP 2023, there is something for every area of treasury and finance you’re looking to learn more about.

Even beyond the sessions, whether you’re attending a roundtable, networking event, or just having a casual conversation with someone at lunch, you can learn something new from your peers and those further along in their careers. This knowledge will help you advance your career or get ahead of the game when you start your first job.

Get inspired

Inspirational. Motivational. These are just two of the words that attendees have used to describe the keynotes at AFP conferences.

AFP 2023 is your opportunity to hear from keynote speakers who have advised leading business leaders and policymakers and written numerous bestselling books. Hearing how others have taken on challenges can push you to expand your idea of what is possible. Plus, you’ll come away with tips to apply right away to your own work and life.

Grow your network

Networking is really important to career growth. One big reason that people attend a professional conference is that it’s a chance to meet lots of like-minded people and industry peers — all in one place. And for treasury and finance, that place is the AFP conference.

You can meet people who work for the companies you’re interested in or have the job you want to do, and ask questions to see how they got to where they are or learn more about what they do. If you’re already in the field, you can share what you’re working on (without revealing sensitive information, of course) and get feedback from those who are further along in their careers.

Plus, it’s energizing to be surrounded by others who share your passion and goals. It’s important to have your own community within the larger community of financial professionals, and AFP 2023 is the perfect place to find your people.

AFP 2023 Grant Program

To help students and early career professionals who want to attend AFP 2023 in San Diego but don’t have the means to attend, the AFP 2023 Student and Early Career Professional Grant provides complimentary registration to a select number of individuals. Applications are open through August 31, 2023, to students attending an accredited undergraduate or graduate program or early career professionals with 0-5 years of working experience.

The AFP 2023 Grant Program is part of the AFP DEI Initiative, which is supported by founding partner Invesco and partners Amazon, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered and Wells Fargo.